Monday, October 24, 2011

Win a copy of - eyeballs growing all over me...again - by Tony Rauch

To win a copy of Tony Rauch's book, just comment below and we'll pick a winner in a few days. Easy, Peasy! The synopsis is below.
- eyeballs growing all over me . . . again - by Tony Rauch

A 140 page short story collection of imaginative, whimsical, dreamy, absurd, surreal fantasy, sci fi, and fairy tale adventures. These fables will make great story starters for young adults and reluctant readers. Some of the pieces are absurdist or surreal adventures that hearken back to imaginative absurdism, sci-fi, and fantasy of the 1950s.

With themes of longing, discovery, secrets, escape, eeriness, surprises, and strange happenings in everyday life, readers will delight in these brief but wondrous adventures -

- a man comes home to discover a Bigfoot-like creature watching his TV.

- a giant robot pays a visit to a couple.

- the new kid at school has some unusual toys to share.

- an inventor creates an attractive robot in order to meet women.

- a girl becomes so ill she has her head replaced with a goat head.

- someone wakes to discover little eyes growing all over his body.

- small, hairy creatures come looking to retrieve an object they had misplaced.

- a boy finds an unusual pair of sunglasses in a field.

These short stories will give a reluctant reader a sense of accomplishment after reading.